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We invite mainstream state secondary schools in your region to take part in an exciting new trial of a programme that empowers pupils to build positive social relations in school.

Participating schools will receive:


We are conducting the first ever UK trial of the Grassroots programme. The programme aims to reduce bullying and conflict in schools by empowering a group of approximately 30 pupils to positively impact their peers. All Year 7-10 pupils complete a survey which is used to identify a group of around 30 Year 7-9 students, and a small number of Year 10s, who, between them, are able to represent the whole student body. These Year 7-9 pupils form the ‘seed group’ and attend 10 fortnightly sessions to create bespoke activities to reduce conflict at school. The Year 10s act as the group's occasional 'special advisers'. 

During these sessions, Grassroots facilitators will support pupils to:

A large US study found that this intervention (which has now been adapted to suit UK schools) reduced student conflict by up to 60%. Pupils felt empowered by these sessions and initiated activities like challenging themselves to model prosocial behaviours, sharing positive messages using posters and social media, and sharing wristbands with students who had taken a stance against bullying.

How and When?

The trial will begin in September 2023 but the number of school places is limited so sign up today!

We are testing the impact of Grassroots using a randomised controlled trial (RCT). This means that the schools taking part in the trial will be randomly allocated to either be in the intervention or the control group.

Schools in the intervention group will receive the programme in the 2023-2024 school year.

Schools in the control group will receive £750 to participate in the evaluation activities but will otherwise continue with their usual practices next year and not implement Grassroots. They will receive access to the curriculum at the end of the trial.

What are the benefits to my school?

By participating in this study your school will receive:

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In order to be eligible for the Grassroots project, your school needs to be in (or within reachable driving distance from) one of the following regions:

Meet the Team

The Grassroots programme is being delivered by a team of experts in both behavioural insights and education 

from the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT).

Anna Bird

Project Oversight

 Anna is a Principal Advisor in the Education team at BIT. Prior to working at BIT, Anna was the Head of Research at the Social Mobility Commission and led research on youth welfare for the Department of Work and Pensions. Anna also worked at a global research consultancy.

Kathryn Atherton

Project Lead

Kathryn is a Senior Advisor in the Education team at BIT. Prior to joining BIT, she was a postdoctoral neuroscientist at the University of Oxford examining the neural mechanisms of learning and memory. Kathryn was also a school teacher.

Callum O'Mahony 

Project Associate 

Callum is an Associate Advisor in BIT’s Education team. He has worked on a range of research projects aiming to improve outcomes in education with partners including DfE, Nesta and the Education Endowment Foundation. Prior to this, Callum trained as a school teacher.

Julia Ryle-Hodges

Project Associate 

Julia is an Associate Advisor in the Education team at BIT. Prior to joining Julia spent five years as a school teacher and was a research assistant in the Psychology Department in the University of Oxford, where she evaluated the impact of early language interventions in schools.

This trial of Grassroots is funded by the Education Endowment Foundation and the Youth Endowment Fund.

The Grassroots programme will be evaluated by IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society. 

How to get involved

Please email grassroots@bi.team to express interest or find out more.